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About american light

Taking the step to move into a care home is a daunting one, whether you’re making the decision yourself or doing it on behalf of your loved one.

At American Light we understand that there are numerous difficulties in this process and a whole host of emotional decisions to be made, that’s why we provide as much detail as possible when assisting you or your loved one with the transition – especially when it comes to choosing the right care home to best suit your requirements.

We are welcoming new residents into our care home to ensure that we are there to support those requiring care during this time.

Our services

Companion Care

For most seniors, companion care provides the support they need for a wide range of basic caregiving tasks, including light housekeeping, ...

Specialized Home Care

We offer specialized home care services through our Life Care Navigation program. If your loved one needs distinct care,…

Personal Care

If your loved one has advanced care needs, then personal care could be the right choice. Personal care includes basic care giving…

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