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About American Light Homecare Services (ALHCS)


At ALHCS, our potential client is equivalent to a client already in service; reason being that both clients are treated with same hand, heart and hospitality. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction through our evidence based practice as follows:

When you decide to trust us with your self or a loved one, it is not like we are taking up a job; For us it is more than a job It is a responsibility, and a mandate to do whatever it takes to show you some results that fulfills your expectations. We have a team of experienced workers in the industry including Registered nurses who will sit with you to verify the intended goals and both of you will make plans of how to fulfill them with you " You will never be left alone."

At ALHCS we value collaboration and interdisciplinary partnership with your providers to ensure that we are doing the right thing. We have nurses who will verify orders with your doctors and nurses, community social workers well experienced in placement protocols and Home Health Aides who knows the meaning of "see something, say something." All our staff is State Accredited for everything they do and we have put together the best team ever to get your goals met.